If you are experiencing microphonic feedback on your pickups (kind of uncontrollable feedback not to be confused with the controllable sustain you get wen you crank you amp up), you may need to pot the pickups.

Potting means that the pickup is immersed in warm liquid wax which penetrates the coils and components thus stabilizing them.

Two single coil pickups with exposed coils Enamel (2) and Formvar (1).

As wax is an extremely flammable material, this process must be handled only by skilled repairmen. Do not attempt to make it on your own at home.

In order not to damage the pickups, the luthier will hang the pickup on a pot which is yet dipped in another pot. The main pot is put on the fire flame and filled with water so the second pot is not directly connected to the flame.

This second pot is then suspended into the warm water and filled with 20% bee wax and 80% paraffin. This is brought to temperature till the wax gets liquid. The pickup is then immersed for some minute till air bubbles stop raising.

Once removed the pickup is left to cool and the excess of wax is carefully removed with a cloth with the help in case, of an home (not industrial) hairdryer.

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