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How to cut guitar wood

Please also see Quarter cut vs slab cut.

The external part of the tree is called bark. After the bark is the living part of the tree which is responsible for the sap passage called sapwood. This is the softer part of the tree sections.

Inside the sapwood circle we find the hardwood which is the dead and hardest part of the tree.

Softer sapwood and hardwood contributes to the tone in totally different ways.

We must also consider that the lower part of the tree is on average softer than the upper part and so are the boards resulting from them.

This teaches us that two pieces of wood cut from the same tree, or even the same board, will never sound the same.

When planing a blank of flame maple wood to proper thickness, no matter if it's a maple or exotic blank, instead of planing in the grain direction, try to plane at 45°. This will prevent the flame figure from getting damaged by the plane.

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