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Guitar woods paduak

Paduak (Pterocarpus Soiauxii) grows in western Africa. The tree grows to a maximum height of 30mt with a 0.6 to 1 mt diameter. Weights are pretty heavy reaching about 640/800kg/mt3 and degrade only a bit when seasoned.

Paduak is a highly stable wood and for this reason was, and is, still widely used for manufacturing laminated necks for neck through basses, and it's also seen used for fretboards. Just cut, it displays a largely brownish colour that, due to oxidation, in a few days will become a wonderful shiny orange.

Galeazzo Frudua

Galeazzo Frudua

As a luthier and lutherie teacher, since 1988 he has been making about 350 boutique guitars and basses priced from 2,900 to 5,600 Euros and repaired and customized thousands of string instruments. His instruments and amplifiers are used by flagship artists, such as Chick Corea, Peter Gabriel, Ennio Morricone, Carl Verheyen. He owns two YouTube channels—where he teaches music—that count up to 30 million views and almost 140.000 subscribers.

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