All the cavities of an electric guitar and bass should be carefully shielded using or a specific shielding paint or copper shielding foil.

Both these materials guarantee that your instruments will be protected from all kind of electric interferences

The goal is to "wrap" all the portions of circuitry carrying the signal path inside a sort of "cage" where no interference can penetrate. It's very important that all shielded cavities are linked to ground (for example to the volume shell potentiometer) with a dedicated wire otherwise the shielding will generate noise instead of removing it.

Guitar shielding graphics
The circuitry cavity of a Frudua Direct Deal GFF is properly shielded with
conductive paint and then grounded with a dedicated wire.

Wiring a guitar or bass circuitry requires a particular attention for what concern noise and shielding. First of all the use of shielded cables is highly recommended for each "hot" connection. This will offer a further shielding.

With the purpose of eliminating ground loops I have seen some bloggers suggest to arrange the internal wiring of an electric instrument on a sort of "star" pattern where all ground wires are linked to one point of the circuitry for example a volume pot and then leaded to the output jack from there.

While this is a very neat way of arranging the wiring which I use too as it makes the circuit look tidy, this type of layout is typical of complicated tube amps circuitry which has more grounds paths and it doesn't add any advantage and makes no sense on an electric guitar where only one ground path is present.

Single conductor shielded cable.


In case we want to use a phase/out of phase switch we have to remember that if the connection was made using a single conductor shielded cable, the shielding is becoming the hot and this will result in no shielding.

For this it's better to use a 2 conductor cable + shielding.

Another way to shield single coil is to wrap some copper shielding foil around the coil itself. The wire that will put the copper foil wrap to ground must be soldered to the foil BEFORE it's applied on the pickup or the hot soldering iron tip will damage the coil.

If this kind of shielding is made by painting the internal surface of the single coil cover it will result in a three dimensional shielding that will act on the sides but also on the top of the pickup where it's more exposed to noise.

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