Set necks (glued necks) is typical of classic acoustic instruments like violins and acoustic guitars and it is also diffused in some brands and models of electric guitars and basses.

The neck is glued into the body using different styles of joints and sometimes protruding till the neck pickup like on some PRS guitars.

This type of neck joint is more tricky to build compared to the easiest bolt on method but it is still less complicated and more diffused then the even more expensive neck through.

Guitar set neck image
Typical set neck (pictured Tuscany Diablo cherry.

Set necks guarantee a perfect neck joint, an even sound transmission from the neck to the body and the possibility to build the body in a single piece of wood thus delivering more sustain and note definition. A defective set neck will require major intervention to be repaired as the whole neck has to be separated from the body with a long and tricky un-glueing process which involves removing some frets and softening the glue with steam inserts. This is why set neck requires a particular building care.

The set neck solution tone places itself someway in between the bolt on method, of which it retains the volume and warmth and the NT solution (of which it retains the note definition and sustain. Some of the most sough after instruments on the market such as Gretsch, Gibson, PRS typically use set neck solution.

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