Guitar glues image For centuries luthiers has use what is called "hide glue", an adhesive sourced from animal connective tissues supplied in granules, flakes, or flat sheets.

Hide glue is by far the strongest and best ones for glueing acoustic instruments due to some specific features like:

- it dries to a crystalline state,
- does not dampen or absorb string's energy,
- can be soften with warm water,
- requires thin coating.

Hide glue is prepared with water bath and must be applied to a temperature of about 60 no more or it will loose its glueing
properties. This makes hide glue sometimes tricky to use and this is the cause most of us prefer to use the modern polyvinyl glues.

Modern famous polyvinyl glue is Franklin Titebond "Aliphatic resin" (PVA glue - Urea formaldehyde). We used this one for years with fine results. Another fine glue for instruments is the FG sold by Luthier's Mercantile (

This is very similar to the Titebond but offers a few more attractive features for luthiers compared to standard aliphatic resin:
1) FG joint resist over 70 temperature which is the typical of cars parked under summer's sun.
2) has got a more neutral colour
3) tends to perform better joints on oily woods like purple heart, rosewoood, etc.

All this makes it ideal for instrument works.

Before you proceed to glueing two pieces of wood, especially if they are different ones featuring different seasoning, we suggest that you clamp them together overnight. This will "equalize" the moisture content in the glueing area creating a tighter joint and a better tone.
A "saw" edged scaper.


Also very important is how we apply the glue: glue must be applied on both surfaces of the joint by using a saw edged scraper which will later avoid the two pieces to slide while clamping. Also always remember the old masters "adagio". "The perfect glueing wants the glue to spread from all sides of the joint".

For the less experts please always apply some wood between the iron clamps and the pieces to be glued to protect the instrument.

Finally never use polyvinyl glues under 12 degrees of temperature and always store them accordingly.

Glueing a Frudua Slave Pentabass through neck.

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