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Guitar carbon fiber reinforcing bars

The use of carbon fiber bars as reinforcement for guitar and electric bass necks was first introduced by Rick Turner, famous American guitar maker and founder of the Alembic company.

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The widespread use of carbon fiber bars as reinforcement material for bass necks and electric guitars is due to the excellent characteristics of rigidity, stability, lightness, resistance to stress and breakage that this type of material offers.

With the same volume, and considering the weight of the two materials, graphite is 3 times stiffer than steel and 5 times lighter.

The use of graphite bars reduces neck flexibility, thus increasing the sustain, definition and purity of string vibration throughout the fretboard. The increased rigidity also prevents the neck from being affected by climatic variations and string tension, all without affecting the weight and balance of the instrument.

Carbon fiber bars as reinforcing bars on a bass neck.
(Frudua bass construction class)

The use of guitar carbon reinforcement bars is particularly recommended in multistringed basses, especially in those with tighter string spacing, where the reduced mass of the neck offers less resistance to string traction.

Carbon fiber reinforcement bars for guitar and basses are glued along the neck under the fingerboard. When gluing, make sure that there are no air pockets in the slot where they are placed. Their position in relation to the truss rod should also be carefully calculated to prevent them from protruding from the wood when working on the back of the neck.

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