Graphite fiber reinforcing bars image For what I know Rick Turner and Alembic were the first to use carbon fiber and graphite reinforcing bars (as guitar hardware and accessories) on necks and later carbon fiber was used for building whole neck's too due to the high performance of this material for what concerns stiffness, stability, shock and work resistance.

Considering the weight of the two materials graphite results to be 3 x stiff compared to steel and the use of graphite or carbon fiber reinforcing bars, contributes to raise the stiffness of the neck reducing flexibility and therefore increasing sustain and note definition on the whole fretboard helping the neck to face environmental and climatic changes.
and other kind of mechanical shocks.

The use of carbon fiber and graphite reinforcing bars is highly recommended in multi strings necks construction especially in the narrower string's spacings where the reduced neck mass offers less resistance to strings tension.

They can be bought at guitar accessories and hardware stores.

Carbon fiber and graphite reinforcing bars has to be installed with glue or with epoxy all along the fretboard length being sure that they do not move inside the neck and that no empty air spaces are left once the fretboard is installed.

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