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The Floyd Rose always comes with a locking nut as standard. Few of us know that this type of nut can be required in different sizes, both in terms of width and string spacing, and it has considerable advantages in terms of playability of the guitar.

The most used sizes are the R2 (41.8mm) and the R4 (43mm). However, there is another model of Floyd Rose locking nut called R3, which is 43mm wide like the R4 model, but has the reduced spacing of the R2 model.

In the '80s and '90s, special models of stringlocks were placed behind the nut. This solution, now obsolete, avoided the removal of the original nut on the STRATOCASTER and allowed the installation even on guitars equipped with tilted back headstocks.

A problem that often occurs on the Floyd Rose stringlocking nuts: if you notice that when fixing the strings with the appropriate clamps the tuning of the string tends to go up, slightly lower the string retainer located behind the blocker by acting on the two screws clockwise (remember to use a suitable screwdriver and eventually loosen the strings).

The old Kahler string retainers, which did not require
the removal of the nut.

If you notice a strange "sitar" effect on an open string, the string is most likely touching one of the two side walls of the "V" where it is housed in the string block. In this case, unlock the block and try to re-lock the string by first moving it on one side and eventually the problem will be solved, then on the opposite side (see video below).

Floyd Rose Stringlock and retainer.

If you notice a strange "sitar" effect on an open string, this most probably means that the string is just slightly touching one of the sides of the small "V" where it is inserted into the locking nut. In this case, unlock the string and re-lock it while keeping the string held to one side if the "V" walls with your fingers. If you still hear the "sitar" effect, try re-locking it holding the string onto the opposite side.

The "V" insertion point of the string on the Floyd Rose stringlock.

Learn how to perform a Floyd Rose setup in about 2 minutes with any type of string or tuning by following this video, and how to overcome any adjustment difficulties with the Floyd Rose by watching the video below.

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Galeazzo Frudua

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