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Many have suggested that I should run the Beatles Harmony Lessons as a subscription site, but I see it differently. There are still hundreds of Beatles songs to cover and I would like to be able to cover them all (later adding Beatles solo careers, the Beach Boys, CSNY, Queen, and many others) for you for FREE.

However, this endeavor requires time and a great if thoroughly gratifying effort on my part, on many levels, including renting a new room for keeping a fixed video set, then please take the time to donate.

All contributions, no matter their size, will be gratefully accepted!

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By donating you will receive the following bonus gifts!

For donations over 20 euros or 20 USD (to 50): I will send you the first chapter of a PDF book I am writing, which contains the Beatles lyrics of all the Beatles songs I covered, with all of John's, Paul's, George's and Ringo's singing roles - phrase by phrase!

For donations of over 50 USD or 50 euros (and up to 99): I will offer you the above I will also send you the link to a private video, containing a full list of the different gear I use for recording.

For donations of over 99 USD or 99 euros I will offer you the above I will also send you the link to a further private video containing a detailed demo of all my different recording techniques and how I use all the gear and equipements you see in the previous video. You will also receive the links where to buy all the gears and equipements i use at the best price!

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