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There are at least three main winding techniques used for guitars and electric basses:

  • Round Wound,
  • Half Round Wound,
  • Flat Wound.

The difference lies in the wrapping. Both the timbre and the feel of a string are greatly influenced by the material with which it is made and by the type (section) of internal and external wrapping.

Da sx a dx: corde round wound, half round wound e flat wound.

Round wound strings are made with a round section cover wire wrapped around the core. This type of string produces the brightest sound and is the most used and prevalent model on the market.

In Half round wound strings, part of the external wire section is removed using a special high-precision machine, which creates a semi-smooth surface. The tone is halfway between the round wound and flat wound: not bright but not so dark either.

Flat wound strings are wrapped with a flat wire instead of a round section. The sound is darker and more mellow and it is particularly soft to touch.

Galeazzo Frudua

Galeazzo Frudua

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Corsi di liuteria Frudua

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